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Key Digital Technologies (KDT) 2022 Call is Open for Application!

The 2021 Call of the Key Digital Technologies (KDT) Joint Undertaking (JU), which is supported under the Horizon Europe Programme, has been published. The KDT JU is a continuation of the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership (ECSEL) JU, which was established in 2014 to keep Europe at the forefront of technology developments in electronics.


Call Scope:

KDT JU opens 2 concurrent Calls in two different action types, Research and Innovation Action (RIA) and Innovation Action (IA) in 2022. As shown in the table below, there will be 3 topics, 1 general and 2 focus, in the IA Call; 2 topics, 1 general and 1 focus, in the RIA Call, and there will be a total of 5 topics in 2 Calls.




Innovation Action, IA

Call 2022-1 T1

Topic 1: General

Call 2022-1 T2

Topic 2: Industrial supply chain for silicon photonics

Call 2022-1 T3

Topic 3: Design of Customisable and Domain Specific Open-source RISC-V Processors

Research and Innovation Action, RIA

Call 2022-2 T1

Topic 1: General

Call 2022-2 T2

Topic 2: Ecodesigned smart electronic systems supporting the Green Deal objectives


For the general topics within the scope of the KDT JU 2022 Call (Call 2022-1 T1 and Call 2022-2 T1), it is aimed to support R&D and innovation projects in the following 14 research areas:


1. Process technology, equipment, materials and manufacturing

2. Components, modules and system integration

3. Embedded software and beyond

4. System of Systems (SoS)

5. Artificial intelligence, edge computing and advanced control

6. Connectivity

7. Architecture and design: methods and tools

8. Quality, reliability and cybersecurity

9. Transportation

10. Energy

11. Digital Industry

12. Health and well-being

13. Agri-food and natural resources

14. Digital Society


The international consortium that will present the project should consist of 3 different institutions from at least 3 different countries. To reach the international call text, find project partners, access application guides and make an international project application through the "Funding and Tenders Portal" page should be visited.


In addition to the international project applications to be submitted to the call secretariat, it is obligatory to submit a national project application to TUBITAK by researchers who would like to take part in the projects from Türkiye. You can find the national application rules here.


Call Calendar

Deadline for submission of international project proposals via the "Funding and Tenders Portal"

21.09.2022 (17:00, CET)

Deadline for the approval of the national preliminary application to be made through the TUBITAK Project Application System (

28.09.2022 (17:30 Turkish Time Zone)

Deadline for electronically signing the national preliminary application to be made through the TUBITAK Project Application System (

04.10.2022 (17:30 Turkish Time Zone)


Related Experts

For information on International Application Conditions:

Dr. Özlem GEZİCİ KOÇ / Hasan Burak TİFTİK / Erencan BAL

UIDB – EU Framework Programs Directorate



For information about the National Application Requirements and the 1071 Program:

Dr. Mahmut ÖZER

ARDEB International Cooperation Projects Research Support Group (UPAG)